CTI Machines Co., Ltd

CTI Machine Co., Ltd., was established in 1985 and specializes in the development, design, and production of custom packaging machines. CTI possess abundant experience in developing automated equipment. Thus, when we integrate production process, we can plan various effort-saving and rapid moving automated equipment based on different industries and characteristics. The auto equipments are appropriate for different industries such as food, feed, pharmaceutical, plastic, chemicals, fertilizer, drinking water, and ice cube.

SUNCUE Taiwan Grain Dryers

Suncue was established in 1966, and Suncue has been continuously inventing pioneered Drying and Biomass Technology over the past 50 years.
SUNCUE is the leading grain dryers manufacturing & exporting company from Taiwan. Suncue is also the only brand that has successfully exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and other 40 different countries worldwide.

GrainPro Inc. Philippines

For the high yields and qualify products, storage systems is one of the important matters in post harvest practices. Pioneer Agrobiz and GrainPro working together to fulfill the needs of such kind of issues. GrainPro develop post harvest technology for safe storage of food grains, coffee, cocoa and other dry food commodities as well as safe seed storage. GrainPro products are used in over 80 countries where storage is affected by environmental conditions.

Kett Electric Laboratory Japan

Kett Electric Laboratory has become world famous for its moisture testers and inspecting instruments for agricultural use. Increasing in sales of Kett Products for agricultural use that has occurred since the laboratory’s establishment in 1946 has dramatically demonstrated their widespread acceptance among agriculturists around the world, the result of their reliable performance and foolproof operation. Many Countries all over the world are using KETT moisture meters as standard units.
Pioneer Agrobiz has been working with Kett since 2009.

Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company

Pioneer AgrobizCo.,Ltd is working with BDFJSC since 2012.
As a Vietnamese leading brand and certified by ISO 9001:2008, BinhDien Fertilizer Joint Stock Company highly focus on quality matters and also environmental issues. Since before introducing fertilizers to Myanmar market, Pioneer Agrobiz and BinhDienhave research about soil conditions and crops of Myanmar to figure out which will be the best solutions to highly yield and better soil quality.