• Moisture can be measured in a few seconds
  • Measures moisture of PKS, wood pellet, saw dust, etc.
  • Non-destructive measurement by only placing a sample

Woody biomass power generation is a remarkable renewable energy. Fuels for biomass power generation use various resources such as PKS, wood pellets, sawdust, etc., and the amount of water contained is also various. In addition, the water content of the fuel is directly related to the calorific value, the ignitability, and the combustibility, and greatly affects the power generation efficiency of the boiler, so appropriate water management is required.

So far, the moisture content of various fuels has been measured using the “Detection of weight loss by heating & drying”, but the main drawbacks have been the lack of speed and the need for specialized equipment. This unit “Biomass Fuel Moisture Tester model HI-700” is based on the concept that moisture can be measured easily and quickly to overcome the above problems. The sample can be poured into the instrument body and the moisture can be measured in a few seconds. Although it is a simple operation, it is calculated using calibration curves of various biomass fuels registered in advance, so it is possible to obtain highly reliable water values. We are active in various fields such as production of various types of biomass fuels, import and export of foreign-made fuels, and acceptance at power plants.

Measuring methodCapacitance (Dielectric) (50MHz)
Applications3-60% (sample dependent)
Sample volume240 mL 
Operating temperature range0-40 °C 
AccuracyStandard error of 1.0% or less versus standard method. (all samples with moisture content of less than 20%)
FunctionsWeight scale, Automatic temperature correction by integrated thermistor, Auto-power off, Auto-display for battery level icon, Average
DisplayDigital (LCD)
Power source4pcs. 1.5V Batteries (“R6” or “AA” size Alkaline)
Power consumption240 mW
Dimensions125 (W) x 205 (D) x 215 (H) mm
WeightNet 1.3kg / Shipment 4.0kg
AccessoriesFunnel, Manual hopper(sample cup), Brush, Batteries(1.5V alkaline AA sizex4), Operating manual