This paper moisture sensor can measure the moisture content of a variety of paper types, such as kraft paper, liner board, copy paper and cardboard. The HK300 series comes in three sets with different sensor types to accommodate the type of paper to be measured and the application : the HK-300-1 set includes a grip sensor, the HK-300-2 set includes an electrically conductive rubber sensor, and the HK-300-3 set includes a constant pressure sensor.

SpecificationsHK-300 Series (1-2-3)
Measurement methodElectrical Resistance Method
ApplicationsKraft paper, Liner board, Copy paper, Cardboard, etc
Calibration curvesKraft paper, Liner board, Copy paper, Cardboard
Measurement range* Grip sensor: Copy paper, 4-15%/Cardboard, 6-20%
* Conductive rubber sensor: Copy paper, 4-25%/Liner board, 6-23%/Kraft paper, 5-24%
* Constant pressure sensor: Copy paper, 2-10%/Liner board, 5-15%/Kraft paper, 2-10%
Measurement precisionStandard error 0.4% (at 15% moisture or less)
Display formatDigital (LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1%)
Power source6x 1.5V (“AA” size Alkaline), approx 0.45W
Dimensions and weight110(W) x 210(D) x 50(H)mm, Net 0.5kg (Only main unit)
AccessoriesCarrying case, Shoulder strap, 6x 1.5V batteries (“AA” size Alkaline)
OptionsPrinter (VZ-330 or VZ-390), Printer cable (VZC-26)